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The PTS Group

The PTS Group is one of the largest transport organizations in New Zealand, with over 300 staff, and over 150 Truck and Trailer units.

The Group operates its primarily Heavyweight Fleet as PTS Logistics, and operates its specialized Vehicle Transport arm, as Auto Logistics. As each role requires specific expertise, staff tend to work on tasks for one or the other, but share resources such as office space, In-house Workshops, Storage Yards, Buildings, and I.T. Systems.

The Executive Team, is as follows:

Peter Broughan . . (Managing Director)

Ray Roberts . . (Chief Executive Officer)

Peter McAuley . . (Chief Financial Officer)

Chris Connor . . (National Group Manager)

Scott Miers . . (National Operations Manager)

Martin Hall . . (Auckland Regional Manager)

Tim Dickson . . (South Island Group Manager)

Both companies have their own histories, with Auto Logistics being an amalgamation of three former vehicle transport specialist companies.

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