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      Jeffs Vehicle Deliveries Ltd
Ph 0800-4-53337

Agricultural Machinery


Caravans and Trailers

Cars, Utes, Vans

MotorCycles & Quads

Boat Transportation . . .

As boats vary considerably in height, length, width and weight, our staff will require these measurements before they are able to provide a quote.
  • We have Secure Storage Depots in 6 Cities
  • Boats without Trailers up to 15 Metres handled
  • Class 2 Pilots for Overwidth Boats

  • Boat Check-List . . .

    All loose and personal items removed from the boat. (All compartments checked for radios, flares, life jackets, anchors, etc.)
    Boat Covers Removed
    Protuding Items (such as aerials) removed if possible, or folded down as far as possible.
    Battery (or batteries) properly secured.
    Fuel Tank emptied, and any portable tanks removed.
    Straps securing boat to trailer, present, back and front.
    Key provided, if necessary to reposition motor.

    Motorhomes & Buses

    Damaged Vehicles

    Tractors & Crawlers

    Trucks & Heavy Trailers

    Special & Misc

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