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Container & Devanning Services

As part of our heavyweight capability, Auto Logistics/PTS operates a fleet that can handle all manner of Container Movement tasks. To facilitate this, we use:

Swinglift trailers:

Auto Logistics/PTS Logistics has several swinglift units around the country to provide customers with a simple, but effective 20 and 40 container movement solution.

Skeletal trailers: (see image on the right)

These units are utilised to transport heavier containers and often used in conjunction with a swinglift to facilitate loading/unloading.

Our depots in Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch are Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) registered Transitional Facilities, each with MAF accredited personnel allowing us to devan containers. Each depot is also a NZ Customs bonded facility providing even more added value to our customers when bonded storage is required.

Our bond stores are equipped with superior security arrangements (electric fences and security gates), modern technology, infra-structure and size, as well as having approved MPI Transitional Facilities to facilitate import container inspections and the removal of pests and unwanted material prior to de-vanning.

All goods in each warehouse are subject to a monthly stocktake.

Our versatile fleet are also able to uplift or deliver a large number of different Items, from Small to Very Heavy. Just contact us, and we can soon tell you what is possible.

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