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The Import Process . . .

Importing vehicles has a raft of regulations controlling it ,that change quite frequently (click on the Customs and MPI links in this page for further information), and some exacting paperwork that must be filled in correctly and submitted on time. We recommend engaging a reputable shipping agent to do this for you, if you haven't already.
We have attempted to list here, the process gone through once the ship carrying your consignment arrives, which should go some way to explaining why obtaining your vehicle for removal from the port, can take some time.

When the Ship Arrives
- Takes about an hour to tie up
- Takes anything up to a day to unload, depending on a number of factors, including size of cargo, and number of other sailings arriving in the same period.

NZ Customs: If NZ Customs decide to fully audit a voyage, a 24 hour delay will generally result. In these cases, Auto Logistics will notify our branches and all the shipping agent's dealing with us.

Paperwork: Auto Logistics no longer receive Paperwork directly, as your shipping agent will 'lodge' this directly with the Stevedore firm that handles that ship.
The agent must provide two documents, to have a vehicle released by the Stevedores:
1. NZ Customs Delivery Order
2. Ships Delivery Order
or if a vehicle is a Coastal (within NZ only), a Carters Note is required.

Port Facilities: The larger Ports such as Lyttelton, have high-security area, meaning members of the public are not allowed to go in, to obtain their vehicles, unless it is over 3 tonnes in weight. Even then, the Port Company's recommend that a transport company (such as Auto Logistics) be engaged to retrieve the vehicle for you.

The Stevedores release the vehicle on a 'Tally Note', meaning:
- they check vehicle/paperwork is correct and give a list of chassis numbers to Auto Logistics.
- they then go out, find the vehicle and label it for Auto Logistics. This can take some time, if they have 1000+ vehicles to handle.

MPI (formerly MAF) inspect and may elect to 'Stop' any vehicle that needs attention, such as Steam-Cleaning, a vacuum or even gas-treatment to kill any threatening biological life such as larvae. After MPI re-inspect the finished work, they will put a green sticker on it, indicating to the Stevedore's that they are allowed to deliver it into Auto Logistics compound.

Click here to access MPI's (MAF) Clearance Status Webpage. If you do not know the full VIN number, just enter the Port, or the Port and Vessel Name, to enable you to find your vehicle.

- As long as there is an MPI 'Green Sticker' on the inspected vehicle, the Stevedore's can then bring it out, and park it in the designated area, from which Auto Logistics may retrieve it. Auto Logistics have a number of people on the ground at the largest ports to facilitate the processes as best we can, as befits the importance of this work to our clients.

Shipping Schedules: On-Line Shipping Schedules (if you know what vessel your unit is on), please allow for the processes explained above.

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