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Port Operations

The PTS Group's Port Operations specialises in the transportation, lifting and storage of shipping containers and vehicles of all descriptions, delivered by RORO (Roll on/ Roll Off) vessels or Containerised. throughout New Zealand. Utilising our extensive network we are able to service all the major ports across New zealand. The largest hub of our operations is on the wharves at Auckland Harbour, where we have dedicated staff and a permanent office. Wellington and Christchurch (Lyttelton) Ports also have people dedicated to the Port operation, dealing with Stevedoring, Customs, MPI, and Port company staff on a daily basis.

Container logistics solutions across the country; using our countrywide network to create efficiencies and savings, carrying out interchanges daily from ports to road and rail, with market-leading rates on off-port container storage.

* Carriage of internationally sourced products
* Large network of strategically located operations
* Warehousing for off-port storage at market leading rates

International container shipping services operate much more like a large marine taxi service these days, than in the past when they ran regular point-point schedules. Ships master's often receive instructions to change direction in mid-ocean and go to a different port, based on the requirements of the day, and where they happen to be at any one time. This does mean that the road transport operator must keep tabs on what is happening, using all the technology possible, to ensure that loads are dealt with in a timely manner, and keep clients happy, and demurrage charges at bay.

The new Auto-Logistics/PTS Group's livery of white & orange is being introduced progressively, as new units such as this 9-car Fuso arrive on the fleet, up and down the country.

Auto Logistics:
is a modern, motivated and service orientated company that can provide a fast efficient service tailored to suit the needs of our customers anywhere in New Zealand.

One of the first new heavy-weight units (although pre-the new white/orange livery) in Auto Logistics' new fleet renewal program, is pictured below. New units not only present a good look on our roads, but offer fuel economy and low particulate emmission rates that could only be dreamed of a few short years ago, along with superior stability and braking systems.
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