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Fully Enclosed Vehicle Transport
& Snowfarm Operations

The Snowfarm & Special Operations group within Auto Logistics is there to meet every logistic and transportation demand of the advertising industry for the shooting of vehicle commercials, and to cater to vehicle and tyre manufacturer's requirements for performing Winter-Conditions testing during the Northern Hemisphere summer. We have been transporting prototypes for various manufacturer's now for many years (previously as Jeffs Vehicle Deliveries, but now as Auto Logistics) handling the import devanning, storage and transport under cover where required, and handle the re-export of those units destined to return to the manufacturer.

The fully-enclosed trailers we have for this, also suit client requirements for moving rare and high value vehicles, impervious to the weather and securely out of sight of any unwanted interest. Note: New Zealand's climate is temperate, so we only have a limited number of these units. Forward booking is essential, to ensure these are in the right place at the right time, for your requirements.

New Zealand has become the premier choice for the filming of Northern Hemisphere car advertisements for a variety of reasons. World famous for its fabulous range of landscapes which includes mountain, forest, arid, seascape, lake and river, New Zealand’s Southern Hemisphere location, first-world infrastructure, compact size and an availability of experienced film crews makes it very attractive to Northern Hemisphere agencies.

Experience: No other vehicle transportation operation in New Zealand can boast the depth of experience that Auto-Logistics has accumulated in this demanding industry. Autologistics (previously Jeffs Transfilm) is the automatic first choice for many of the world’s leading car manufacturers, directors, advertising agencies and the film and video industry when it comes to the logistic and transportation requirements for their commercials.

Licenced Bond stores: Especially noteable are the NZ Customs Licenced Bond stores that Auto-Logistics operates, which include superior security arrangements such as electric fences, surveillance cameras and security gates. With their modern technology, infra-structure and size, these depots set the standards in the industry for the housing, preparation and delivery of all vehicle types.

Our Fleet: All Auto Logistics/PTS vehicles, together with dispatch centres are equipped with GPS vehicle location, and Mobile Dispatcher systems. These form one of the most advanced systems currently existing in any form of road transportation within New Zealand and allow the company to dispense accurate real-time operational information, increasing effiency and effectiveness.

Confidentiality: Importantly, security, confidentiality and having a team of proven professionals well versed in the stringent demands of this industry, is viewed as of immeasurable benefit by many of our clients. Given that many of the vehicles we handle are prototypes or new season models, we are very aware of the need for confidentiality for our cargo. Great care is taken to ensure the security and secrecy of all assignments and the best recommendation we have is the growth we enjoy. Auto Logistics stands for integrity, and we know the importance of secrecy, to our clients.

Whichever way a vehicle may reach New Zealand, by sea or air, Auto logistics are well equiped and highly qualified to transport it to its final destination. The company is the preferred choice of many organisations throughout New Zealand for vehicle transportation services.

No task is too large, or too small, and we have often been told by our clients that our attention to detail, together with our insight and knowledge of the industry, have made many jobs run more smoothly than expected.

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